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Quality Policy

Xinxinke® International (HK) Co., LTD provides the highest standards our industry has to offer. Xinxinke®’s quality inspection process, trusted vendor management program and experienced certified inspectors has enabled us to lead the way in risk mitigation against counterfeit goods.

We employ a rigorous inspection protocol to screen every component that comes through our facilities. We digitally photograph and record all components and then put them through inspection process examining for inconsistencies, discrepancies and other measures that will define their authenticity. Additional verification is sometimes required due to the nature of the parts or customer specific requirements. In these cases, Xinxinke® uses the services of certified service partners that have the capabilities to verify authenticity through extensive testing.

We strive to be the best when it comes to quality. We have a "take no chances" attitude when it comes to delivering on all orders. We supply only new and original components.

Warranty Policy

The warranty applies to all electronic components sold by Xinxinke®, which are operated in accordance with the product and operational specifications. Xinxinke® agrees to transfer to Customer whatever transferable warranties Xinxinke® receives from the manufacturer of products sold to Customer. Xinxinke® extends a six months limited warranty for the products it sells. This warranty is contingent upon proper storage and handling of the product and does not cover products that have been subjected to physical abuse or electrical stress from improper handling and storage of Electro Static Discharge (“ESD”) sensitive products. All ESD sensitive products must be stored per manufacturer’s recommendations. No warranty will apply if the product has been subject to misuse, static discharge, improper storage or handling, non-adherence to ESD storage and handling procedures, neglect, accident, modification, or has been soldered or altered in any way whatsoever.


Xinxinke® recognizes that counterfeiting of components is a serious problem worldwide. We feel it is our duty to ensure that we have stringent policies in place to protect both our valuable reputation and that of our customers.

Here at Xinxinke®, all products ordered can have a number of tests completed before it is shipped to you. It is against company policy to ship failed parts; meaning you will always receive the best product.

This is achieved as we can send products to an independent, ISO approved testing laboratory, when necessary, to make sure our clients are provided with 100% New and Original products. We also, from time to time, perform detailed testing in accordance with our quality procedure in order for us to evaluate the effectiveness and quality standards of our suppliers.

Xinxinke® continuously monitors the performance our Approved Vendors utilizing a variety of criteria. We also continuously update ourselves on the latest secure trends the market has to offer.




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