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Shortage Management

An upturn in production, or supply failure by another vendor can lead to shortage issues and even the threat of a costly line-stop.

With our fast enquiry response times, unrivalled sourcing and experience in global logistics we can take the strain of these shortage issues and deliver the solutions you need to ensure minimal disruption to your production schedule.


Cost Reduction

Reduce your costs without compromising quality.

Let us use our global sourcing capabilities and extensive experience to analyze your Bill of Materials (BOM) and find you the best products at the best prices.


Excess Management

Issues such as over-forecasting, downsizing and end-of-life situations can result in the problem of excess inventory. This surplus inventory ties up capital and incurs the costs of management and storage.

Whether you are looking for immediate disposal of your excess inventory or to have it professionally managed, we can offer a flexible, confidential solution with our excess management programmes.


Last Time Buy

Even after forecasting for last time buys, shortage issues can arise.

Whether the issues are immediate or foreseeable, our expertise in sourcing difficult to find and obsolete components can provide the solution to fulfill those short-falls at competitive rates.


End of Life Product

Component obsolescence is an ongoing issue facing all manufacturers of electronic equipment. Rapid advances in technology and other factors such as government legislation and reduced revenue can result in discontinued components.

We are able to assist with all aspects of obsolescence management.

We can provide proactive solutions, such as stocking end of life products to support your long term commitments or assist in finding a fit, form and function equivalent to the obsolete component for a seamless replacement.

Should you require a more reactive solution, then using our global sourcing capabilities we can search the market for that illusive component!




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